Sires for Sale

For Sale

Quality stud stock the result of 32 years of genetic programming. See video link below.

• Menil Fallow sires with magnificent antlers, temperament and body weight of various ages.

• Magnificent 2 year old Fallow / Persian Hybrids with  live weights over 100kgms. Ideal to infuse significant hybrid vigor into Fallow…these have less impressive antlers but very suitable for vension production. Our venison hybrid Male carcases  return 18% more then Fallow carcases.

• For those farmers who wish to retain trophy quality antlers but in a bigger body we have Persian / Fallow hybrids with magnificent classic Fallow antlers.

Two years ago we weaned and weighed our Persian hybrid fawns at 9 months. Outstanding was our top buck fawn weighing in at 75 kgms at 9 months of age. Currently he won’t fit into our crush!

For comparison, over the years our best Fallow bucks aged around 2 years weighed in at around 80kgms.

Videos of stud animals for sale: 

Batchelor Herd

and 3yo sire Dax

other videos

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Mike & Nancy Kasprzak
trading as  “deer farm”
Land Line (08) 8568 5301
Mobile 0474 11 3050

Poachers entered our property in the early hours of Saturday 13th May 2017 and killed and stole two of our sires. A reward of $10,000 stands for information leading to a conviction.